Cutting expenses


With the recent economic developments that Humanity has faces in the last decades, people have had the opportunity to explore, experiment and adventure some very exotic activities which are both fun and very expensive. Activities with can be very controversial at times, such as sports, special medical treatments with not yet proven techniques or smoking cigarettes. Other activities include playing video games  or using expensive mobile phones with up to date technology just to chat to friends or send pictures of a guy falling from his chair just to have fun with it. These activities have proven to increase these people’s measure of joy at times but in the long run it doesn’t give this people any sort of achievement and its not helping the economy in general.

One thing i want to show my remarks about, is that these activities mentioned above have in some way caused, in many times, social problems. hatred, greed, injuries, health problems and many more you might recall your self. Then why do people do this activities. why do people practice this methods and use this equipment  Is this really what they are looking for in the sense that can’t it be a better way of spending the resources of human capital, and stock capital. Let me just raise one question. what is the total cost caused to the national economy of one country if 60% of the working force is a smoking community. And what is the total price of the stocks that contribute to all of a countries mobile phones and other IT equipments that are not being used for productive means.

Not wanting to offend anyone as many times as we find ourself as well attracted to making   pictures with    mobile phones or using  personal laptops for some not really important issues. Well, someone can say that this is normal. That this why we all do almost anything  to increase our everyday joy, or otherwise, do something that its not very necessary but it is spiritually very important and can be relieving like roaming online with your parents if you are living abroad or far away from home for a long time.

But still: Smoking, drinking, jumping from a spaceship with a parachute, or doing extreme sports. It gets you a feeling that there is a leak some where and somehow.

Blagoevgrad Short Description.

As soon as you pass the Macedonian border you will face big woods and high lands shaped by history. Deeper in the woods is located the city of Blagoevgrad. Historically in the route of many traders travelling through Balkans Blagoevgrad has for most of its history been called as Skaptopara. This is exactly the name of the historical part of the city, the roots on which later on in the 20th century was developed the modern city of Blagoevgrad. Its also the name of the Residence Hall’s Campus of one of the best Universities in the Bulgaria and Balkans, the American University in Bulgaria.

Modernity, is a very important detail of this city. As Bulgaria has entered EU ( European Union) Modernity was a factor of determining the possibilities of this country to manage the  new geopolitical order. EU had gone so far in technological and infrastructural development that for many other countries even bigger then Bulgaria it has been very hard to adopt right away. But Blagoevgrad as a quite city with a very big culture and history managed to have an organized build up. Technology was inserted very nice to be part of the everyday life and history is still evident on its important role.

The center of Blagoevgrad is where you are going to see fashion. Fashion is a unique science and Bulgarians especially Blagoevgrads like to take it forward. Here we see a conjunction of Western Pop, Rock, and hip-hop style’s into something that is unique, More emo elements and together with Chalga ( Bulgarian Traditional Music ) its becomes a spacial mish-mash of style, fashion, and culture.

And  the way that the center of the city is conceived is  marvelous. The street is old, made out of horizontally shaped rocks just like a simple mosaic that covers the entire street. The Byzantine style is still evident, medieval elements of style,  the reminiscing beauty of the past together with the re sprout after the second world war; all the governmental, buildings, museum, Cinema, etc; shape it into being a complete city. A city ready to intake new challenges adopt to new developments and make improvements.


I Can’t Say

You get to read your email everyday, check the endless list of any missed messages. You count the seconds of the loading scroll. Its eternal. The hope that the number in brackets (657) unread messages has changed to 658 or 659 causes a very strong adrenaline rush. There are 3 possibilities.

First possibility. You have a new message. Its important. It’s the answer you have been looking for. It’s the revelation of many days plans and energy. And the answer is positive. You jump from your sitting position in your work desk to almost reach the roof with your head. And a cool breeze of tears clears your face.

Second possibility. There are 10 new messages. The rush is again huge. You feel your blood pumping harder. Then a sudden drop makes you almost feel the pain of a heart tick going in the emptiness. You feel like a clock that tics but doesn’t change the time in the show. All 10 new messages are all useless offers, Reminders about friend request you already denied, parties you can’t go to because of the long distance. Damn it, by the way it looked, you were sure to get the mail you wanted. A deep breath, maybe tomorrow, or later this day.

Third possibility is somehow similar to the second one.  You sign in to your email provider and you wait for the loading timer. You wait for the screen to fill it self frame by frame and for your miserable fortune there is no new message, no unread message. You try your spam folder, and suggestion is you should do this every time. Sometimes even important emails get stuck in the spam folder if it’s from a new sender you have never had emails from. But, hey there is nothing there as well.




Everyone’s eyes are on you.

A -Everyone’s eyes are on you.
B- Do you mean they are all blind?
A- It means they are all looking at you.
B- I swear i have done nothing wrong.
A- No they are looking at you because they hope you will help them.
B- Oh no, I have smoked pot a couple of times
A- Everyone’s eyes are on you.
B- I am so proud of my self.
A- One of your relatives found out from a friend of yours that you smoke pot.
B- I am sorry.
A- They are very angry.





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There is no more meaning


I wonder and then I wonder again. I believe I can wonder more than any of the greatest real wonders of the world, I wonder of abstract forms, abstract matters and abstract flows.

Give a reason why not to wonder when all I have is life and many things are taken away from me by force and luck. When happy ends of the mythic stories never seem to come true, I come to desperation with only blood running through my hand palms and nothing else on my naked hands. When my new little silver watch gets frozen to a random time, and I feel my heart beating to a monotony that seems useless as if life is a dead – end street , literary meaning, I get sad.

I want to see change, change coming from an outside force; I feel forceless, just alive, that’s it.

But no, I have some good things in life. However with all misfortunes that have happened to me I am afraid to admit them anymore. Luck takes them all, one by one, slowly. There is no security anymore. There is no hope, no confidence, there is no trust, and there is no love.

14 hungry dogs were walking under my balcony late at night.  I would say wolfs, but since there was no else there with me, I am not sure enough to describe those frightening animals with that name.

After the dogs when on the other side of the corner that takes you to an abandoned street on the left side of the little parking lot.  The noises coming from that dark place, where the angle was not right for me to see from the balcony, were terrorizing. Sharp teeth, flash, bones, blood and animal cry; it was fear.  Although at safe from the dogs in my tall balcony I got my skin electrified, my knees shaken. I couldn’t see anymore so I went inside to bed and covered myself with a blanket.

I am sick, I need to get well, I need to regain hope and courage and I need to start feeling good.

Get back later when I can tell you that story.



30/ 05/ 2013