Cutting expenses

With the recent economic developments that Humanity has faces in the last decades, people have had the opportunity to explore, experiment and adventure some very exotic activities which are both fun and very expensive. Activities with can be very controversial at times, such as sports, special medical treatments with not yet proven techniques or smoking cigarettes. Other activities include playing video games  or using expensive mobile phones with up to date technology just to chat to friends or send pictures of a guy falling from his chair just to have fun with it. These activities have proven to increase these people’s measure of joy at times but in the long run it doesn’t give this people any sort of achievement and its not helping the economy in general.

One thing i want to show my remarks about, is that these activities mentioned above have in some way caused, in many times, social problems. hatred, greed, injuries, health problems and many more you might recall your self. Then why do people do this activities. why do people practice this methods and use this equipment  Is this really what they are looking for in the sense that can’t it be a better way of spending the resources of human capital, and stock capital. Let me just raise one question. what is the total cost caused to the national economy of one country if 60% of the working force is a smoking community. And what is the total price of the stocks that contribute to all of a countries mobile phones and other IT equipments that are not being used for productive means.

Not wanting to offend anyone as many times as we find ourself as well attracted to making   pictures with    mobile phones or using  personal laptops for some not really important issues. Well, someone can say that this is normal. That this why we all do almost anything  to increase our everyday joy, or otherwise, do something that its not very necessary but it is spiritually very important and can be relieving like roaming online with your parents if you are living abroad or far away from home for a long time.

But still: Smoking, drinking, jumping from a spaceship with a parachute, or doing extreme sports. It gets you a feeling that there is a leak some where and somehow.

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