Blagoevgrad Short Description.

As soon as you pass the Macedonian border you will face big woods and high lands shaped by history. Deeper in the woods is located the city of Blagoevgrad. Historically in the route of many traders travelling through Balkans Blagoevgrad has for most of its history been called as Skaptopara. This is exactly the name of the historical part of the city, the roots on which later on in the 20th century was developed the modern city of Blagoevgrad. Its also the name of the Residence Hall’s Campus of one of the best Universities in the Bulgaria and Balkans, the American University in Bulgaria.

Modernity, is a very important detail of this city. As Bulgaria has entered EU ( European Union) Modernity was a factor of determining the possibilities of this country to manage the  new geopolitical order. EU had gone so far in technological and infrastructural development that for many other countries even bigger then Bulgaria it has been very hard to adopt right away. But Blagoevgrad as a quite city with a very big culture and history managed to have an organized build up. Technology was inserted very nice to be part of the everyday life and history is still evident on its important role.

The center of Blagoevgrad is where you are going to see fashion. Fashion is a unique science and Bulgarians especially Blagoevgrads like to take it forward. Here we see a conjunction of Western Pop, Rock, and hip-hop style’s into something that is unique, More emo elements and together with Chalga ( Bulgarian Traditional Music ) its becomes a spacial mish-mash of style, fashion, and culture.

And  the way that the center of the city is conceived is  marvelous. The street is old, made out of horizontally shaped rocks just like a simple mosaic that covers the entire street. The Byzantine style is still evident, medieval elements of style,  the reminiscing beauty of the past together with the re sprout after the second world war; all the governmental, buildings, museum, Cinema, etc; shape it into being a complete city. A city ready to intake new challenges adopt to new developments and make improvements.


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