Media, freedom or too much freedom

Many times, we read and listen to media coverage and reports about laws, issues and cases where media right and the freedom of speech has been violated by respective countries governements or administrative institutions. Do you agree there is trend of media censorship or media freedom is going beyond the real target that media has on its mission?

Just days ago i was invited to be part of journalists course and as we were being introduced to the program of this course, the main thing that sounded as an exception in my ears was this line ” writing rules in journalism are not saint”. i don’t want to be very harsh but it gave the idea that media, first of all is a very based on ideals somehow weak and pledged to raise debates and argues about certain topics and statement. 

Its also true that many journalists tend to be extremely emotional on their job and publish articles that many time causes anger and disputed between people that are much more concerned on the issues mentioned and discussed in the media articles.  

I would like to point out that in many cases its the not very informed public that is the first one to follow pray of the not so correct judgments and references given by the journalists and editorials. Plenty of cases journalist are driven by their emotions or business interests ,to “somehow involuntary” , provoke “ignorant” people’s feelings and cause this way disputes that sometimes as we might have heard finish up in violent acts and disturbing of public order. 

If you think i am trying to make a point on journalists being guilty for this acts, you are wrong. What i am trying explain is that both sides of media effects on society are real phenomena that we all are the testimonies. There for media people who forget this reality, should stop acting it out and focus on the real role of the media, the reason why there is a freedom of speech, the reason why institutions and companies get the licenses for doing their job, and the reason why media coverage is so highly valued by citizens and why people spend considerable amounts of money to be informed and follow up and media events.

Directed to those who will have the chance to read this article, i want to assert that all of you might be able to remember and mention on your comments the last time when the media helped out on many cases, for solving important issues, covering great events, with high technology, offering entertainment, everyday useful information and helping out on people find what they want and when they want. 

So lets all have a big up for the media rights and the huge role of media in society but also not forget that sometimes we are all humans and we need to takes things with seriousness and professionalism and a little bit of humanitarianism. 

Writer Proton89 

May 1st, 2013