What else can be done with a blog?

What else  can be done with a blog? I am opening this blog page this days as a basic need i have to share ideas, generate brainstorming and gather opinions. In this page everyone is going to have the opportunity to read the many posts that are going to be published now and then and also comments and share their own ideas and opinions about the posts and more.

This is not a going to be a professional site where you are going to be judged for wrong ideas and opinions, in contrary your comments will be useful in developing the ideas structure and hope in generating more complete and truthful ideas that can bring us all to the road of perfectness. Of course perfection is almost impossible but walking in this road will be rewarding.

So Tellmenots will be the page for all of you to visit and interact. Its going to offer you the possibilities mentioned above and help us all walk the road to clarifying our ideas.

Writer proton89

Date 2013/03/25