Self Esteem

Due to Modern times developments, the high intensity of life in Capitalistic Cultures of the west and east, also the problems that have shaped history, always there is a tend for people to feel that this is THE END.

Talking to many colleges, students, professional, unemployed people its was much more frequent in the last year and months to talk about the end of the world. Media & Internet gloaming with articles, videos, quotes and predictions, tons of Data, calculations and more. 31st December, 2012 was  a date to remember not because of anything else but of the quietness it went by.

It was since the readings and translations of the old Maya Calendar to modern languages and the predictions of  Nostradamus a ancient so called prophet, that the end of the second millennial and the beginning of the third millennial would be the Holy predicted end of the world for most religions and astrological beliefs. Of course the meteor crash in Russia and the natural Catastrophes that disturbed the face of Earth in the years and months before, made many think that all this predictions might somehow be true. That’s why when on the 31st of December last minutes fireworks burned all the way out and then a total silence filled the darkness of that softly breezing night everyone filled much more relieved and took a deep breath of what would be the end of all the anxiety that filled everyone’s mind.

Going back to the topic  of this article i want to connect this events with the modern times individuals self esteem. There has been done so much regarding technology, information, energy and space discoveries. New inventions and digitization of the old inventions are just about to give people services that were never thought would one day become true. However, the individual as a single mind and social body is not responding to this changes as fast a maybe the global society is, or the western societies are.

Self-Esteem in a time when workers use gadgets and robots to build other robots and even agriculture is run with heavy machines that can harvest thousands of miles square of crops, the individual in this case gets the feeling that his importance to the big picture, to the overall result and finalization of the processes of running a state and a company is so low that others around would not feel the absence.

Globalization, has brought so many goods to us all, with open markets and everything but the role of the individual of the little fraction of 1 in 7 billion is driving many people to think that they will never be able to make the change that would fulfill their dreams, their desires and after all their life demands.

The question i can not answer as u might understand is the same. Can the Individual of today’s World Society be able to distinguish himself show his abilities, fill his life demands and earn the self-esteem we are all looking for? How hard and how easy is it? How much do we have to do to prove it that we have done enough?

Please  read the article, try think of an answer, formulate your questions and don’t forget to write comments and your questions on the space below.

13 April 2013

Writer Proton89