Sports or Hobbies

Sports or Hobbies.

This is something all of us question our self from time to time. It might not be the question of the year, but most often people tent to confuse this two concepts. “Sports are always good for our personal health, for our spirit and more“.

This is a statement we hear many times along with “You need to do more sports“. But how true is this and what differs it from hobbies. Is actually doing sports better then actually practicing different hobbies which may include doing some sort of sports as well. Hobby we call any kind of activity we do for fun such as playing the guitar, or listening to music. Other Hobbies might be playing tennis, going to the swimming pool, or going for a ride with favorite bicycle. However what distinguishes this is two are a few crucial elements. Sports require higher intensity and a feeling of competitiveness, of challenge to be considered as such.

Do you think this is exactly what you like to do, put on some champion spirit, through the challenge and run to the finish line, or you want to be more relaxed and actually enjoy some sort of “hobby-est” sportive activity. One thing that can discourage you from pursuing your hobbies is that it is time consuming. The positive effects of practicing your hobbies might not be clear to everyone and sometime even you will not gain anything for a long time. However sports have something similar to. Its clear for everyone that sport  untakes risks and require strong will to success. Many youngsters invest a lot of time and will to be successful in sports for many different reasons; health, money, accomplishment  etc. But how much do this different approaches determine your decision to whether chose to do sports or just practice your favorite hobby.

Personally I have practiced both to a moderated amount and differently from other people i feel to not see the difference quite well and for whatever reason i believe that many other like me do feel a little confused about this.

Anyway, what matters the most for now is that you enjoy and succeed in the activity you are pursuing right now, Sport or Hobby or whatever you call it. If you are doing Sports professionally than i wish you good luck and keep it high, and if you are just having fun doing a few basketball throws in the backyard than you certainly must enjoy this sport as a hobby.

Please leave a comment below and help me and everyone out there reading this article get clear minded about this issue.

Writer proton89

Date 2013/03/26